Haverhill Electrical Outlet Repair & Replacement

For outlet solutions that don't disappoint, choose Modern Electrical Services, your go-to electrician in Merrimack Valley, North Shore, and Southern NH.

Faulty or outdated outlets are not only a nuisance but can pose a serious safety hazard in your home. If you need electrical outlet repairs or installations in Haverhill, MA, our team at Modern Electrical Services is here to help.

Since 2016, we’ve been providing quality electrical services to homeowners in the area. We’re a licensed, insured, and bonded team with decades of experience in the industry, so you can trust us to handle your electrical needs safely and efficiently.

Are your lights flickering or dimming? Schedule your lighting fixture repair and replacement today.

Do You Need Outlet Repairs?

If you’re not sure whether or not you need outlet repairs, here are a few signs to look out for:

  • Your outlets are hot to the touch.
  • The plug falls out of the outlet easily.
  • The outlet sparks when you plug something in.
  • There is a constant hum coming from your outlets.

If you notice any of these issues, it’s best to call our experts immediately. We will diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs to ensure your outlets are safe and functional.

The Right Time to Get an Electrical Outlet Replacement

Old, outdated outlets are a safety hazard that will only worsen over time. If you find yourself constantly tripping circuit breakers or blowing fuses, it’s time to get an electrical outlet replacement.

Properties over 20 years old are also likely due for an update. The outlets in older homes were not designed to handle the power requirements of today’s appliances and electronics. Upgrading your outlets will help you avoid blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, and other electrical problems.

Dealing with an electrical issue? Our electrical repair and troubleshooting team can address your concerns and restore the safety of your home.

Your Electrical Outlet Installation Options

When you call Modern Electrical Services for an outlet installation, we will go over all of your options with you. We carry a wide selection of outlets, including GFCI, AFI, and USB outlets. We will help you choose the right type of outlet for your needs and budget.

  • GFCI Receptacle
    A ground-fault circuit interrupter or GFCI outlet installation is a must in any home. These outlets protect you from electrical shock by shutting off the power when they sense a ground fault.
  • AFCI Receptacle
    An arc-fault circuit interrupter or AFCI outlet is similar to a GFCI system, but it protects against electrical fires. These outlets shut off the power when they sense an arc fault to prevent a fire from starting.
  • USB Receptacle
    Do you have a lot of devices that need charging? Having a USB wall outlet installed can make your life easier. With a USB outlet, you can power up your phones, laptops, and tablets without needing an adapter.

If you're ready to schedule your electrical switch or outlet service in Haverhill, MA, Merrimack Valley, North Shore, and Southern NH, call us at 978-852-0560 today. Modern Electrical Services is here to help with all of your electrical needs.