Haverhill Whole House Safety Inspection

We offer electrical safety inspections in Merrimack Valley, North Shore, and Southern NH. Call us and schedule yours today!

Your home is one of your most important investments. If you want to protect it from potential hazards, scheduling regular electrical inspections are a must.

We at Modern Electrical Services offer comprehensive assessments to ensure that your property in Haverhill, HA, is up to code and safe for you and your family. Our team leaves no stone unturned, so you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

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Why Do You Need a Whole-Home Inspection?

The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a set of guidelines that electrical professionals use to ensure the safety of people and property. While homeowners don’t need to follow the NEC, we highly recommend that you do.

One of the best ways to ensure your home is safe is to schedule regular electrical inspections. A professional assessment will uncover any potential electrical hazards in your home and fix them before they become a problem.

During a whole-home inspection, our team will check the following:

  • Wiring
  • Electrical panels
  • Light fixtures and switches
  • GFCI outlet protection
  • Electrical grounding
  • Circuits
  • and more!

The Best Times To Schedule an Electrical Safety Inspection

While there is no bad time to schedule an electrical safety inspection, there are a few instances where they’re especially crucial:

  • Renovating your home: Any major renovations that involve new wiring should always include a whole-home inspection.
  • Moving in: Buying a new home is a considerable investment, so you should do your due diligence and have it inspected before you move in.
  • Selling your property: It can be hard to close a sale when you lack an electrical inspection report to show potential buyers. It also leaves you open to lawsuits if something happens to the new owner.
  • Insurance purposes: If you’re looking for insurance, most companies will require a whole-home electrical safety inspection.
  • Installing a large appliance: Central air conditioning, electric heaters, and other high-power appliances can demand a lot of electricity. Make sure your home can handle the load by scheduling an inspection.

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Schedule Your Electrical Inspection Today

At Modern Electrical Services, we will work hard to ensure your home is up to code. By staying proactive and scheduling regular inspections, you can rest assured that your loved ones are safe from potential electrical hazards.

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