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Trust Modern Electrical Services for your residential electrical needs. We deliver residential electrical solutions that add value! Contact us for service in Georgetown, MA, as well as Merrimack Valley, North Shore, and Southern NH.

Modern Electrical Services has been an electrical contractor since 2016. We have built and maintained an excellent reputation among homeowners in Georgetown, MA, and the surrounding area.

Georgetown, MA Electrical Services - Modern Electrical Services

Whether you need breaker panel repair or GFCI outlet installation services, we have the experience and expertise to do the job. We put our customers’ needs first, providing comprehensive and efficient services when they need them the most.

Trust us for on-time services at affordable rates!

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Signs You Need Electrical Outlet Repair Services

Unfortunately, various parts of your electrical system will wear out over time, and that includes your electrical outlets. If you notice faulty outlets, we encourage you to contact us to come and inspect them for repair or replacement.

Let’s go over some of the typical signs that you have an outlet problem that needs attention:

  • Your plugs come loose and fall out easily.
  • An outlet doesn’t work.
  • Your appliances keep turning on and off.
  • Your outlets have damaged faceplates.
  • You have outdated two-holed outlets.

Do You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

At some point, age and technology can catch up with your breaker panel, making an upgrade necessary. A malfunctioning electrical service panel spells trouble for all the appliances in your home. Typical signs you should consider an electrical panel upgrade include:

  • Flickering or dimming lights.
  • Higher than average energy bills.
  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers.
  • An out-of-date fuse box.
  • Rust or damage on your electrical panel.
  • You just purchased a major appliance.
  • Your breaker panel smells burnt or feels warm to the touch.

More often than not, your panel will show more than one sign that it needs an upgrade or replacement.

Contact us for an inspection, and we’ll recommend the best option.

Is a Whole House Generator Worth It?

With sustained power outages in some areas, unusual weather events, and rapidly aging power grids worldwide, many people continue to seek alternatives to keep their homes up and running. While we install different generators for various power needs, whole house or standby generators keep growing in popularity.

A standby generator installation costs more upfront compared to a portable unit. However, installing one can come in handy if you:

  • Experience prolonged or frequent power outages
  • Work from home
  • Live in a climate where heating and cooling is essential
  • Store lots of cold food

Our team can assess your home power needs, among other factors, to help you decide whether you should invest in a whole house generator.

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