Choosing the Right Type of Outlets

Electrical Outlet Safety Features 

Homeowners probably use electrical outlets the most of all components in a home’s electrical system. With all the technology used in everyday life, people constantly charge devices to power their lives or have appliances plugged in. 

Certain hazards exist any time electricity is present. With modern technology and building codes, many of these hazards can be mitigated to the point that most people don’t even consider them anymore. However, homeowners should never be complacent about electrical safety in the home. 

Protect the home with electrical outlets with built-in safety features. Here are three of the most common outlet designs offering specific types of protection to prevent harm from errant electricity. 

AFCI Outlets 

A common hazard that electricity presents in the home is fire. Faulty electrical components cause a huge percentage of residential fires. AFCI outlets are the newest tool to help prevent electrical fires. AFCIs or Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters help stop one source of electrical fires in homes: electrical arcs. 

Electrical arcs form when there is high resistance within an electrical wire, whether that wire is part of a home’s wiring or part of an appliance. When wiring is damaged, electricity has trouble running through it, leading to a hot spot in the wire. The fire risk continues to rise as damage grows from the continued heating. AFCI outlets work by sensing the arc formed in damaged wiring and stopping the flow of electricity. With these devices, homeowners can help prevent one of the greatest causes of fires in a home. 

GFCI Outlets

outletAnother common hazard of electricity in the home is electrocution. Despite decades of education and advances in building codes, too many people don’t understand that electricity and water don’t mix. When electricity comes into contact with water, water becomes a conductor that can shock anyone that touches it. This used to be common outdoors and in rooms in the home that used water, like kitchens and bathrooms. 

To eliminate the threat of electrocution, GFCI outlets were invented and became part of electrical codes over 50 years ago. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are now standard outlets used in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and outdoor outlets. Within milliseconds, these devices stop the flow of electricity when they sense that water is being charged with electricity. 

Childproof Outlets 

outletAs parents know, children are notoriously curious. When they can crawl, they start investigating the world that, for adults, is below the knee. One of the things they are curious about is the electrical outlets that they see in every room. When they see adults plugging things into outlets, they may want to try the same, and the results can be extremely dangerous. 

Childproof outlets are the standard in many homes with young children today because they eliminate the serious threat of electrocution or burns for children. These handy devices automatically block outlets to prevent small objects from finding their way in. Nothing else can get into the outlet besides a plug. While this may sound inconvenient for adults, childproof outlets are user-friendly without compromising safety. 

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