Creating an Electrifying Backyard This Summer Has Never Been Easier!

Upgrade Your Backyard for Summer Guests

As summer rolls around, homeowners will want to impress their guests. There are so many Summer holidays to celebrate and backyard barbeques to host, so why not make a few upgrades to the backyard?

4th of July celebrations and summer family cookouts are common during July. A few backyard upgrades can make the atmosphere inviting and more fun for guests. A few electrical upgrades can even inspire guests and family members to visit more often.

Review Lighting Options

Outdoor lighting makes all the difference during the summer, especially for homeowners that choose personalized designs. Landscape lighting, for example, is perfect for illuminating rare and beautiful plants, trees, shrubs, and decorations in the front yard and backyard. This allows homeowners to choose what aspects of their yard they want to spotlight. 

Another amazing lighting option for the outside is string lights or fairy lights. They are easy to find and sold in most big box stores. String lights are also easy to put up and change. They come in many colors and patterns and look great on a backyard patio. SMART lights are even better since homeowners can control them with a button on their phones.

Be Prepared with a Generator

generatorA generator is a good investment for homeowners that live in cities and states where severe weather or power outages are common. Although it may not be every year that a major weather event directly affects a home, homeowners can’t predict when something will happen.

Generators are great because they prevent food from spoiling during a power outage and allow homeowners to avoid the cost of replacing the wasted food. Generators are also an important safety net for those who rely on medical equipment. Access to hot water and electricity during an outage is impossible without a generator. Sometimes intense heat spells can also cause blackouts and power outages, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Install a Pool or Hot Tub

poolWhat makes a backyard party even better? The installation of a pool or hot tub! Pools and hot tubs add property value to a home since they are in-demand items that can cost buyers a lot. This investment is not only friendly to the property value but also something for the whole family to enjoy!

However, hot tubs and pools that use motors and lights ‌use electricity. Since this is the case, it is important to call a professional electrician knowledgeable about electric codes and regulations. If the wires and electrical work for a pool or hot tub are not correctly installed, it could cause a fire or power shortage.

Pools and hot tubs are a lot of fun, but homeowners need to maintain them. They are beautiful additions to a backyard but can cost extra money on each water and electric bill. Before calling for a hot tub installation, keep these facts in mind! Homeowners looking to enjoy their hot summer days and nights to the fullest should install hot tubs and pools for the BBQ season.

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