Save Money With Energy-Efficient Holiday Decorations

Switching to Energy-Efficient Holiday Lights Can Save Homeowners Money

Christmas decorations and lights are iconic parts of the holiday season that get people in a festive mood but can cost money to run. In this blog post, electrical experts share tips on how homeowners can reduce energy usage and save money this winter by using more energy-efficient holiday lights. 

Homeowners can save money on utility bills when they stop using old light-up decorations that waste energy. New Christmas decorations are designed with energy efficiency in mind. There are lots of ways that homeowners can enjoy a magical and bright Christmas without running up their electric bills.

LED Christmas Lights 

lightsLED lights are a much more energy-efficient option for Christmas lights than traditional incandescent lights. There are many benefits to using LED Christmas lights instead of old-school string lights. LED lights are safer because they don’t get as hot. They also last a lot longer and use much less energy, making them the clear better option. 

LED lights also come in every color or style that homeowners could want. They are easy to adjust and are safer to use outside than traditional lights. Homeowners can get many more years of use out of LED Christmas lights than incandescent ones, making them a good investment for many seasons to come. 

Battery-Operated Christmas Lights

Adding some battery-operated Christmas decorations and lights can also help reduce the strain on the electrical grid from holiday decor and can help save homeowners money. And a bonus is that they can be used in places where a cord will not reach or where homeowners want lights or decorations without a plug and cord sticking out, like on a Christmas wreath or garland. Homeowners should be careful not to let battery packs outdoors be exposed to rain unless they are specifically made for outdoor use. 

Using rechargeable batteries is the best way to use battery-operated holiday decorations efficiently. Battery-operated candles are one example of an elegant holiday decoration that lights up the room without using the home’s electricity. There is a large variety of versatile battery-powered holiday decorations for homeowners to choose from.  

Get Creative With Candles

candlesWant to add more holiday decor without using any additional energy? Go old school and use candles to light up the night. Real candles can add an elegant touch to a Christmas Eve dinner or holiday party. They also come in all sorts of colors, scents, and styles. 

Candles are a great way for homeowners to add additional decor and festive holiday scents to their homes without any effect on the power bill. However, homeowners should be mindful not to leave lit candles unattended or put them near flammable materials like curtains because they could start a house fire. Additional safety tips are to keep candles away from where children or pets can reach them to prevent accidents and always have a working smoke detector. 

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