Three Signs It Is Time For An Electrical Panel Repair

How To Tell If An Electrical Panel Needs Help

Since electrical problems in a home are infrequent, the electrical panel is often forgotten until the electricity is completely powered off. Homeowners shouldn’t wait until the last moment. Homeowners and residents need to know the signs that an electrical panel is not working properly. Once these signs are noted, the repairs and maintenance can begin before the damage worsens.

Flickering Lights

Lightbulbs wear down over time, and they do not last forever. When the light flickers, it can indicate that the lightbulb needs to be replaced or screwed in tighter. However, flickering lights could also signify that the electrical panel no longer works and needs to be replaced or repaired.

Flickering or dimming lights could result from something faulty in the electrical panel that sends the wrong signal and message to the light. Additionally, homeowners should pay attention to flickering lights when other appliances are powered on, as this could indicate wiring or power issues.

If homeowners notice this electrical quirk in their home, they should immediately call their local electrician so the problem doesn’t worsen over time, causing additional problems.

burning smell

Burning Odors

It is terrifying to smell burning or smoke in a house. If this occurs and a homeowner cannot figure out what is causing the smell, it could be from the electricity and the electrical panel. The scent is often said to smell like burning plastic.

Sometimes, when the electrical panel is not hooked up properly or is fried, it can cause a spark. This is dangerous because the spark can cause a fire that spreads to the rest of the home. Homeowners should take note of strange smells and look around for any smoke as well.

A burning smell can also indicate that the electrical panel or an outlet is overloaded and overheating. Electrical fires are very dangerous and can quickly spread to destroy a home.


Old Electrical Panelsold electrical panel

Electrical panels do not last forever. The average age of an old electrical panel is 25-40 years old. This depends on the exact brand, so it is important to talk to an electric panel expert who knows about the many models.

Homeowners can tell that their electrical panel is old by the outer appearance and the functionality. For example, if some of the switches on the electrical panel are not working properly, it could be a sign that it is time to schedule an electrical panel replacement.

Also, if there are burn marks or rust throughout the electrical panel, this shows age and signifies it’s time to replace it. Rust can interfere with the inside of the electrical panel, which is dangerous and can result in a random power outage.

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