Black Inventors Who Transformed Home Electricity

Meet Three Important Inventors in Honor of Black History Month 

Black inventors were key players in the development of home electricity, a technology that has profoundly impacted how society functions today. From developing unique gadgets and tools to innovating entirely new methods of harnessing power, these creative minds put great effort into creating solutions for everyday needs — including electric lighting and power devices. As a result, countless households now enjoy modern comforts made possible by their ingenuity. 

By making electricity reliable, accessible, and affordable for everyone, black inventors earned an important place in history — one we should celebrate! This blog post will discuss some African American inventors who transformed home electricity as we know it today.

Lewis Latimer, the Mind Behind Carbon Light Bulb Filaments 

lewisLewis Latimer was born in September 1848 to formerly enslaved people. His childhood wasn’t easy; enslaved people needed documentation proving their freedom. His parents did not have such documentation, so they split the family up to keep them safe. 

When he was 16 years old, Latimer joined the U.S. Navy. After being honorably discharged after less than two years, he started working in a patent office. There, he discovered his love of inventing. He was skilled in playing classical instruments, speaking foreign languages, and even dabbling in literature. 

Perhaps Latimer’s most significant accomplishment was inventing a more durable carbon filament for light bulbs and modifying a process that made manufacturing them easier. This allowed factories to make more light bulbs than before, making them more affordable and accessible to many. His invention also made the light bulbs longer lasting. 

Latimer passed away in 1928, but his legacy lives on. Today, history buffs can visit his home in Queens, New York. It was deemed historically significant after his passing and doubles as a museum. 

James West, the Co-Inventor of the Condenser Microphone 

jamesJames West was born in 1931 to Matilda West, who was one of the “hidden figures” who worked for NASA. After graduating high school, West hoped to be a medical doctor, but he was drafted into the military. West was discharged after suffering wounds in the Korean War and started studying physics. He graduated from Temple University in 1957. 

Per Johns Hopkins University (where West is a professor), West co-invented the condenser microphone, a groundbreaking technology. More than 90 percent of smartphones, smart home devices, microphones, and other electronics rely on the technology West pioneered. Today, he holds more than 60 U.S. patents and more than 200 international ones. He’s also passionate about mentoring minorities and disadvantaged students in science, technology, math, and science. 

Marie Van Brittan Brown, the Inventor of the Home Security System 

Marie Van Brittan Brown was born in October 1922. While living in Queens, New York, she realized that many homeowners could benefit from having security systems. So, with the help of her husband (who was an electronics technician), she created a rudimentary security system. 

Per BlackPast, this system was comprised of peepholes, cameras, a monitor, and a two-way microphone. At one point, it also featured a “panic button” that allowed people to press it to call 911 during home invasions. Van Brittan Brown and her husband filed a patent for their security system in 1966. It was approved three years later, in 1969. 

Before she passed away in 1999, Van Brittan Brown had been interviewed by the New York Times and received an award from the National Scientists Committee. Smart home device inventors still cite her original patent, showing how groundbreaking her invention truly was. 

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Make Some Electrical Safety Improvements in 2023

3 Easy Ways to Improve Electrical Safety 

Electrical safety should be a year-round concern for homeowners. However, with modern electronics and infrastructure, electrical systems are so reliable that they are often forgotten in daily life. The beginning of the new year is an excellent opportunity to find some blind spots that have been neglected in the last few years, and a home’s electrical system is a great place to start. 

Even with stringent building codes and state-of-the-art technology, electricity in the home can still be a hazard. Every year some homeowners are exposed to electric shocks and electrical fires, which are some of the natural hazards of this important utility. To improve the home’s electrical safety, homeowners should take professional advice. Here are three important steps to take to keep the home safe in the coming year. 

Make Overloading Circuits a Thing of the Past circuit

One of the biggest focuses for electrical safety has to do with overloading circuits. Numerous strategies are used in building codes to prevent this problem, but it continues to be a significant issue in many homes. Electrical circuits within the home are intended only to carry a certain amount of current. When the circuit or branches of the circuit are asked to carry more current than intended, the wires and components can heat up and contribute to an electrical fire. 

The best way to prevent overloaded circuits is to become familiar with the wiring in a home. Learn which branches support certain rooms or appliances. Once homeowners understand the wiring scheme, they can more accurately distribute loads around the house to prevent overloaded circuits. 

Secondly, electrical inspections can reduce the chance of overloaded circuits. Circuit breakers and certain types of electrical outlets are designed to protect against overloads. By having these components inspected by a professional, homeowners can be assured that these components are still protecting the home. 

Schedule Electrical Inspections 

Electrical inspections are not just for preventing overloaded circuits. An electrical inspection from a qualified professional is intended to include every aspect of a home’s electrical system. The electrical system in a home is designed to prevent fires and electrical shock, but eventually, the parts that protect the home can wear out. When these parts wear out, then the house is unprotected. Giving a professional electrician a chance to do an electrical inspection of the home can reveal dangerous problems to fix like: 

  • Faulty circuit breakers
  • Outdated electrical panels
  • Loose or malfunctioning outlets
  • Malfunctioning GFCI outlets
  • Outdated wiring

Replace Old Wiring and Electrical Outlets 

outletEvery day the wires in a home carry electricity to power lighting and devices. Over time, electrical wires can become damaged from overloads or overheating. Constant overheating leads to a greater chance of electrical fires, and the best way to reduce this risk is to update old or damaged wiring. 

Outlets get used every day, just like the wiring. Most often, electrical outlets wear out from constant use and will develop problems like the inability to hold a plug snugly or the outlet itself getting loose inside its box. Replacing old and damaged outlets is a quick and easy process for electricians and can greatly reduce the chance of electrical problems down the road. 

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Save Money With Energy-Efficient Holiday Decorations

Switching to Energy-Efficient Holiday Lights Can Save Homeowners Money

Christmas decorations and lights are iconic parts of the holiday season that get people in a festive mood but can cost money to run. In this blog post, electrical experts share tips on how homeowners can reduce energy usage and save money this winter by using more energy-efficient holiday lights. 

Homeowners can save money on utility bills when they stop using old light-up decorations that waste energy. New Christmas decorations are designed with energy efficiency in mind. There are lots of ways that homeowners can enjoy a magical and bright Christmas without running up their electric bills.

LED Christmas Lights 

lightsLED lights are a much more energy-efficient option for Christmas lights than traditional incandescent lights. There are many benefits to using LED Christmas lights instead of old-school string lights. LED lights are safer because they don’t get as hot. They also last a lot longer and use much less energy, making them the clear better option. 

LED lights also come in every color or style that homeowners could want. They are easy to adjust and are safer to use outside than traditional lights. Homeowners can get many more years of use out of LED Christmas lights than incandescent ones, making them a good investment for many seasons to come. 

Battery-Operated Christmas Lights

Adding some battery-operated Christmas decorations and lights can also help reduce the strain on the electrical grid from holiday decor and can help save homeowners money. And a bonus is that they can be used in places where a cord will not reach or where homeowners want lights or decorations without a plug and cord sticking out, like on a Christmas wreath or garland. Homeowners should be careful not to let battery packs outdoors be exposed to rain unless they are specifically made for outdoor use. 

Using rechargeable batteries is the best way to use battery-operated holiday decorations efficiently. Battery-operated candles are one example of an elegant holiday decoration that lights up the room without using the home’s electricity. There is a large variety of versatile battery-powered holiday decorations for homeowners to choose from.  

Get Creative With Candles

candlesWant to add more holiday decor without using any additional energy? Go old school and use candles to light up the night. Real candles can add an elegant touch to a Christmas Eve dinner or holiday party. They also come in all sorts of colors, scents, and styles. 

Candles are a great way for homeowners to add additional decor and festive holiday scents to their homes without any effect on the power bill. However, homeowners should be mindful not to leave lit candles unattended or put them near flammable materials like curtains because they could start a house fire. Additional safety tips are to keep candles away from where children or pets can reach them to prevent accidents and always have a working smoke detector. 

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It’s Time to Get the Holiday Lights Ready

Get Started with Christmas Decorations

Christmas is almost here again, meaning holiday decorations will start to come out. Holiday lights are one of the most important aspects of Christmas decorations, right up there with a Christmas tree, so homeowners may need some information to know which kind to buy and how to stay safe when using them. This article will outline finding the right lights for the house, being safe with electricity, and how to be eco-friendly this season with Christmas lights. 

Finding the Right Holiday Lights lights

There are many different kinds of lights to choose from when purchasing holiday lights. However, that can be overwhelming to some, and this article is here to help homeowners choose the best lights for them. The most well-known outdoor holiday light options are LED and incandescent lights. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights use up to 90% less energy than incandescent lights and can last 25 times as long.

Holiday lights also come in many different styles. There are mini-string lights, wide-angle lights, large bulb lights, animated, and icicle lights. Homeowners should consider both the type of light and the shape/style that they want and use those to determine the best lights for them. 


Ensuring Electrical Safety 

The holidays are fun, but unfortunately, a few dangers come with this fun that every homeowner should be aware of. For instance, if certain lights are used on a Christmas tree, they can set the tree ablaze, causing the home to catch fire. If a homeowner is going to decorate their tree or the outside of their home with lights, they should make sure to turn them off before going to sleep. Also, placing a Christmas tree near a fireplace might look nice and homey, but these trees and fires don’t mix. 

While hanging holiday lights, never use a stapler or nails to punch through the wiring. This is because this contact with the object can cause an electrical shock or damage wiring, which can be a fire hazard. Homeowners should also be careful not to overload circuits because this can lead to a fire caused by overheating. And while decorating the outside of their homes with lights and holiday inflatables, homeowners should ensure that only decorations designed to be used outside are used. Being aware of the dangers of holiday lights is the first step to avoiding fires or outages this holiday season and keeping the family safe. 

‘Tis the Season for Eco-Friendly Holiday Lights 

It may be difficult for families to be eco-friendly during the holiday season, but there are plenty of ways to get started. Several holiday light options have a classic look while still offering eco-friendliness. LED lights are extremely popular and well-known when it comes to energy-efficient lights. Not only are they beneficial for the environment, but they last longer too. These lights also come in several color packages to satisfy homeowners during the holidays. 

Solar-powered lights are also another eco-friendly holiday light option for homeowners. The benefits of these solar-powered lights are that they are the best for the environment. They don’t need to plug into an electrical outlet to operate, which allows homeowners to save on their electric bills. Battery-operated lights are also an eco-friendly option when it comes to holiday lights. Homeowners will need to charge these battery-operated lights instead of plugging them into an outlet. 

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How to Make Sure Your Halloween Decorations Are Safe This Year

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Electrical Hazards This Halloween!

As Halloween approaches, many homeowners are getting in the festive spirit by adorning their homes and yards with ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and all the things that go ‘bump’ in the night. Of course, today’s Halloween decorating trends have gone beyond the classics like spiderwebs and rubber bats into the more elaborate and extravagant territory – giant inflatable monsters, fog machines, string lights, and animatronic villains complete with diabolical laughter.

These decorations can make for a fun, frightful time for trick-or-treaters and adults alike, but they can also become real-life horrors if not properly set up. Every year in the U.S., holiday decorations spark hundreds of electrical fires that result in property damage, injuries, and even death. So to ensure this year’s Halloween decorations are the right kind of scary, here are three electrical safety tips every homeowner should know!

Check Electric Decorations for Issues Before Putting Them Up

inflatablesFirst up, before plugging in or putting up any electrical decorations, homeowners should inspect them for damage and wear. This is particularly important if the decorations have been in storage since last year, but it also goes for brand-new decorations right out of the box. Faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of electrical fires and electric shock, so it pays to be extra vigilant.

Look out for cracked plugs, exposed wires, damaged wire insulation, corroded terminals, loose connections, and missing or broken bulbs. The same goes for extension cords, timers, or power strips homeowners plan on using. If they find any issues that can’t be fixed with a simple solution, such as replacing a missing bulb, homeowners should throw out the faulty decorations or damaged cords and buy new ones. The extra cost is well worth the family’s safety.

Have a Strategy for Where to Plug in Decorations

outletsNext, homeowners should plan where to run cords and plug in their decorations. Extension cords and power cables should be away from walkways, doorways, or anywhere else they can be crushed, twisted, pinched, or stepped on since this may damage the insulation. Instead of hanging lights using nails or staples, which can pierce the wiring and cause a fault, it’s best to use plastic clips or adhesives.

Homeowners should also avoid overloading outlets with too many decorations, as this can trip the circuit breaker and cause wires to overheat, which may result in a fire. This can be prevented by using multiple outlets, being mindful of amperage limits on timers and power strips, and not exceeding three sections of string lights in a row (or whatever the maximum limit is for that particular brand).

To prevent the risk of electric shock, homeowners should also ensure that outdoor decorations like Halloween inflatables, yard decorations, and lights are rated for outdoor use and only plugged into GFCI outlets. Most outdoor or garage outlets in modern homes require GFCI protection.

Use Surge Protection

Lastly, it’s a good idea to have surge protection to protect decorations. Whole-house surge protectors installed at the main electrical panel are the most effective, but most homeowners are probably more familiar with the smaller surge protectors that resemble power strips. Unlike power strips, surge protectors can help protect against electrical fires and damage to electronic devices.

Surge protectors work by sensing power surges (momentary spikes in voltage within a circuit) and sending the excess current into the home’s grounding wire and away from any electronics plugged into the surge protector (such as Halloween yard decorations). Suppose a power surge occurs on an unprotected circuit. In that case, any devices plugged into that circuit will bear the brunt of the surge, potentially being fried or even igniting an electrical fire.

Power surges can come from nearby lightning strikes, damage to power lines, restoration of power after a blackout, or even high-powered appliances like refrigerators or heating and cooling systems cycling on. So surge protectors are well worth the investment to safeguard against the unexpected this Halloween – and beyond!

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Choosing the Right Type of Outlets

Electrical Outlet Safety Features 

Homeowners probably use electrical outlets the most of all components in a home’s electrical system. With all the technology used in everyday life, people constantly charge devices to power their lives or have appliances plugged in. 

Certain hazards exist any time electricity is present. With modern technology and building codes, many of these hazards can be mitigated to the point that most people don’t even consider them anymore. However, homeowners should never be complacent about electrical safety in the home. 

Protect the home with electrical outlets with built-in safety features. Here are three of the most common outlet designs offering specific types of protection to prevent harm from errant electricity. 

AFCI Outlets 

A common hazard that electricity presents in the home is fire. Faulty electrical components cause a huge percentage of residential fires. AFCI outlets are the newest tool to help prevent electrical fires. AFCIs or Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters help stop one source of electrical fires in homes: electrical arcs. 

Electrical arcs form when there is high resistance within an electrical wire, whether that wire is part of a home’s wiring or part of an appliance. When wiring is damaged, electricity has trouble running through it, leading to a hot spot in the wire. The fire risk continues to rise as damage grows from the continued heating. AFCI outlets work by sensing the arc formed in damaged wiring and stopping the flow of electricity. With these devices, homeowners can help prevent one of the greatest causes of fires in a home. 

GFCI Outlets

outletAnother common hazard of electricity in the home is electrocution. Despite decades of education and advances in building codes, too many people don’t understand that electricity and water don’t mix. When electricity comes into contact with water, water becomes a conductor that can shock anyone that touches it. This used to be common outdoors and in rooms in the home that used water, like kitchens and bathrooms. 

To eliminate the threat of electrocution, GFCI outlets were invented and became part of electrical codes over 50 years ago. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are now standard outlets used in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and outdoor outlets. Within milliseconds, these devices stop the flow of electricity when they sense that water is being charged with electricity. 

Childproof Outlets 

outletAs parents know, children are notoriously curious. When they can crawl, they start investigating the world that, for adults, is below the knee. One of the things they are curious about is the electrical outlets that they see in every room. When they see adults plugging things into outlets, they may want to try the same, and the results can be extremely dangerous. 

Childproof outlets are the standard in many homes with young children today because they eliminate the serious threat of electrocution or burns for children. These handy devices automatically block outlets to prevent small objects from finding their way in. Nothing else can get into the outlet besides a plug. While this may sound inconvenient for adults, childproof outlets are user-friendly without compromising safety. 

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Back to School 101: Electricity in the Home

Learn the Basics of the Home’s Electrical System

Homeowners must know the basics of their home’s electrical functions. This allows them to maintain their systems, avoid problems, and keep residents safe. One doesn’t need a degree in electrical engineering to understand these things. They only need a few moments of their time to read the information outlined below.

The Electrical System’s Partselectric meter

The home’s electrical system is more than wires and outlets. These are some components of the home’s electrical system:

  • The electric meter: This device measures how much electricity the home uses. It’ll either show the reading using dials or a number digitally. It depends on how old the house is. The electric meter is generally located outside of the home on the side.
  • The disconnect switch: The disconnect switch allows homeowners to turn off their home’s power. They may do this when electricians make certain repairs, such as replacing an electrical outlet. This avoids any nasty burns or shocks while doing electrical work.
  • The breaker panel: The breaker panel is a big switch controlling how electricity travels to the home’s components. If one blows a fuse, they’ll generally fix it using the breaker panel.
  • Circuits: Electricity travels through the home using a series of circuits. These are usually inside the walls where homeowners can’t easily access them.
  • Electrical outlets: Nearly everyone knows what an electrical outlet is. This is where homeowners plug in their devices to power them on. Most outlets can last 15 to 25 years under ideal conditions.


Common Electrical Warning Signsburning smells

Now that one knows the basic parts of their home’s electrical system, they can learn how to spot issues. If one notices any of the following signs, they should consult an electrician immediately:

  • Burning smells: Electrical outlets should never smell when in use. They shouldn’t get intensely hot, either. This could mean the circuit board is melting or too much electricity is traveling through the system. One should avoid using an outlet if it smells because doing so could cause an electrical fire.
  • Flickering lights: Sometimes, a loose lightbulb could cause flickering lights—however, other underlying issues, such as loose connections or faulty wires, could also cause it.
  • Sparking outlets: Unplugging something while in use could cause a small spark. Most of the time, this is a harmless occurrence. However, if a spark “jumps,” causes burning smells, or causes excessive heat, this could point to a serious problem.

One shouldn’t attempt to fix issues with their electrical system themselves. Instead, they should turn to a trained professional who can identify the problem and safely render repairs.

Remember, Safety First!

The Electrical Safety Foundation International notes that there are 15,000 electrical fires each year. Many of these fires arise from DIY home repairs. Learning how to fix an electrical problem isn’t something one can learn on YouTube. It’s a task best left to a professional.

Here are some other things to know about electrical safety:

  • Avoid overloading outlets
  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Monitor the electrical meter for any unexpected increases
  • Keep electrical items away from water sources
  • Never run cords under rugs or blankets


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Creating an Electrifying Backyard This Summer Has Never Been Easier!

Upgrade Your Backyard for Summer Guests

As summer rolls around, homeowners will want to impress their guests. There are so many Summer holidays to celebrate and backyard barbeques to host, so why not make a few upgrades to the backyard?

4th of July celebrations and summer family cookouts are common during July. A few backyard upgrades can make the atmosphere inviting and more fun for guests. A few electrical upgrades can even inspire guests and family members to visit more often.

Review Lighting Options

Outdoor lighting makes all the difference during the summer, especially for homeowners that choose personalized designs. Landscape lighting, for example, is perfect for illuminating rare and beautiful plants, trees, shrubs, and decorations in the front yard and backyard. This allows homeowners to choose what aspects of their yard they want to spotlight. 

Another amazing lighting option for the outside is string lights or fairy lights. They are easy to find and sold in most big box stores. String lights are also easy to put up and change. They come in many colors and patterns and look great on a backyard patio. SMART lights are even better since homeowners can control them with a button on their phones.

Be Prepared with a Generator

generatorA generator is a good investment for homeowners that live in cities and states where severe weather or power outages are common. Although it may not be every year that a major weather event directly affects a home, homeowners can’t predict when something will happen.

Generators are great because they prevent food from spoiling during a power outage and allow homeowners to avoid the cost of replacing the wasted food. Generators are also an important safety net for those who rely on medical equipment. Access to hot water and electricity during an outage is impossible without a generator. Sometimes intense heat spells can also cause blackouts and power outages, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Install a Pool or Hot Tub

poolWhat makes a backyard party even better? The installation of a pool or hot tub! Pools and hot tubs add property value to a home since they are in-demand items that can cost buyers a lot. This investment is not only friendly to the property value but also something for the whole family to enjoy!

However, hot tubs and pools that use motors and lights ‌use electricity. Since this is the case, it is important to call a professional electrician knowledgeable about electric codes and regulations. If the wires and electrical work for a pool or hot tub are not correctly installed, it could cause a fire or power shortage.

Pools and hot tubs are a lot of fun, but homeowners need to maintain them. They are beautiful additions to a backyard but can cost extra money on each water and electric bill. Before calling for a hot tub installation, keep these facts in mind! Homeowners looking to enjoy their hot summer days and nights to the fullest should install hot tubs and pools for the BBQ season.

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How to Prevent Power Surges

Protect the Home With a Whole House Surge Protector

This guide was created to help minimize the risk of power surges by stopping them before they can start! With the average American electronic producing anywhere between 100 to 140 volts when plugged in, anything over that can surely increase the risk that something may misfire inside the home’s walls. So, adding extra safety precautions before an outlet is triggered is the key to keeping homes and families safe.


Why Are Power Surges Bad?

Power surges happen when an outlet, which usually runs at 120 volts, is hit with something much higher than its maximum load. This can be from too many devices plugged into a single outlet or plugging in an electronic like a dryer into an outlet that wasn’t designed to handle that much power. Power surges can also occur due to lightning storms or issues with the electrical grid.

Once the outlet is overloaded, many things can happen. The rubber coating around the wires can begin to melt, and sparks can shoot into the wall from the outlet or art fire. Breakers can stop a lot of overloading from happening, but they aren’t foolproof. 

Protect Against Power Surges

Because of these serious dangers, professionals suggest taking extra precautions such as only plugging in what is absolutely needed and never using a surge protector to plug multiple devices into one outlet at once. Or, install a whole-home surge protector to minimize the risk virtually entirely! 

This high-tech device secures itself to the breaker box, protecting the home from any unwanted surges of voltage. This is an upgrade from the outlet surge protectors as it constantly monitors for surges without running the risk of shorting out. Because a whole-home surge protector is connected to the breaker box, it also covers all the home electronics and appliances instead of only what is plugged into a single outlet like an outlet surge protector.

Replacing an Old Surge Protectorprotector

For the added safety measure, outlet surge protectors can still be used with a whole home version, but they have a much shorter life span than the whole home version. Outlet surge protectors only last for around two to five years, depending on their size and the frequency of use. Surge protectors constantly pushing voltage to three or four more electronics can wear out much quicker than those with only one or two.

If unsure whether a surge protector needs to be replaced, there are some tell-tale signs:

  • The air around the surge protector smells of burning plastic
  • The surge protector is warm to the touch
  • Electronics are gaining and losing power while constantly plugged in
  • A buzzing sound is coming from the protector 
  • The protector has been around for longer than five years


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Electrical Safety Tips to Keep the Summer Safe

Make May “Electrical Safety Month”

During the summer, homeowners become acutely aware of the power consumption in their homes. Once families kick on the AC and the bills spike, everyone starts paying attention. That makes now a good time to discuss electrical safety. Here are some tips for families to keep the home safe over the summer. 

Remember to Stop Overloading Outletsoutlets

One of the biggest problems that can arise in the electrical system is the result of overloaded outlets. In extreme cases, overloaded outlets can overheat to the point they ignite and start an electrical fire. In most cases, the outlet wears out faster, trips breakers, and damage electronics. 

Overloaded outlets are more common than ever since so many more electrical devices are available now. Too often, people use outlet splitters to add chargers, computers, and lamps to one outlet. These devices cause the outlet to use more power than it was designed to. To prevent problems resulting from overloaded outlets:

  • Split loads up between different outlets
  • Use power strips with overload protection
  • Don’t turn on too many devices pulling power from one outlet – i.e., running a fan, a lamp, and a computer on one outlet.


Get Familiar with Correct Wattage

For homeowners that aren’t familiar with the term “wattage,” there is no need to be ashamed. “Wattage” is a common term in the electrical field that communicates the power needs for a certain fixture or appliance. The easiest and most familiar way to understand wattage is by looking at light bulbs. This method has become harder to understand with LED lighting since they use far fewer watts than incandescent bulbs, but the principles are the same. 

Light bulbs that are brighter need to consume more power than dimmer bulbs. The power consumption of both light bulbs will be measured in watts, but the brighter bulb’s wattage will be higher. This is especially important when it comes to replacing light bulbs. Light fixtures are rated to handle a certain wattage. 

The wattage is usually etched into the light fixture or written on a sticker. Light bulbs with lower wattages than listed can be used. Higher wattages risk overheating the fixture and causing a fire, especially when using incandescent bulbs since they also produce more heat. 

Leave Electrical Work to the Professionals 

Most people aren’t so bold as to decide to work on the electrical system in their own house. However, some plucky homeowner always wants to save a buck and doesn’t mind risking their home in the process. In reality, it’s always better to hire a licensed electrician to do the work. Some of the reasons professional electricians are necessary are:

  • Electricians have years of training so they can understand complex electrical problems
  • Electricians can more safely complete their work because they know it better
  • Homeowners can void their insurance by making their own electrical repairs
  • Electricians carry special insurance that protects homeowners in the event of extra damage 

In the long run, hiring a professional is always the safest bet. Peace of mind is too valuable to put a price on. 

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