Protect Your Home from Electrical Surges in Minutes

Stop Worrying About Voltage & Let Modern Electrical Services Do the Work

A whole house surge protector is a hard-wired electrical system that protects your home. When electrical voltage occurs, this protector blocks it so your appliances and electronics won’t get damaged. We understand your desire as a homeowner to protect your family and how frustrated you might be when you cannot do so. Therefore, we are here to help you with a suitable solution.

Modern Electrical Services is your go-to electrical services provider in Beverly, MA. Our professional electricians have the experience necessary to install your surge protector properly and will work hard to ensure it works correctly. We understand the causes of power surges, such as cycling on /off of high-energy use appliances, lightning strikes, and downed power lines. Our electrical services include replacing or upgrading existing service and lighting, energy-efficient lighting upgrades, generator installation, renovating homes or offices, and more.


Advantages Of Whole House Surge Protectors

Having no electrical security system can be stressful. At Modern Electrical Devices, we provide a reliable and durable whole-house surge protector with several benefits, including:

  • Increased safety for your home and its occupants
  • Improved protection against power surges of all kinds
  • Cost savings in the long term due to fewer repairs or replacements
  • Longer lifespan for your appliances and electronics
  • Peace of mind knowing that your home and its electrical systems are secure
  • Enhanced home value
  • Reduced risk of fires due to overloading circuits

Protect Your Protect from Power Surges from Modern Electrical Services

We know that as a homeowner, you want to protect your family from the potentially damaging effects of power surges. At Modern Electrical Services, our professional electricians have the experience and knowledge necessary to properly install a whole house surge protector.

Our electrical services include installation, replacements, or upgrades of existing services and lighting, energy-efficient lighting upgrades, generator installation, renovating homes or offices, and more. Our trained team in Beverly, MA, knows the importance of installing a surge protector to ensure your electrical system is safe and secure. Don’t wait any longer. Contact Modern Electrical Services in Beverly, MA, today and start protecting your home with a whole-house surge protector.